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Meet Eddie

VW Photobooth Essex

This, is Eddie, our 1969, VW campervan.

Eddie is packed with modern tech, transforming him into the ultimate photobooth experience.

Coving the Tendring/Colchester/North Essex Area,

with a range of different photobooth packages available, you'll find a package that meets the needs of your special event and be sure to entertain your guests.

Don't settle for the conventional photobooth, take a look at our packages and get the ultimate photobooth experience, wrapped up in some 1960's style, sure to make a lasting impression at any event.

Our Story

Back in 2017, not too long before our own wedding, we had a vision; to take the father-in-law's stunning 1969 VW Campervan and convert it into the perfect evening entertainment facility, a Photobooth.

With a the help of a few interior updates, some creative know-how, the production of props, signs, other paraphernalia , and a bit of hard work to bring it all together, we created our little yellow photobooth on wheels.

The results were astounding; 6 hours of constant use, 100's of photos, a lot of laughs and some great memories to forever look back on.


Fast-forward to 2021, having had a tough start to the year, we made the decision to put the photobooth back into action, this time for other families to enjoy.

So, with some investment in the latest tech, a new camera, printer, purpose made lighting,  and advanced software, the PhotoBay is ready to go. 

With the ability to offer printed or digital packages along with lots of other innovative and exciting services, you will find the photobooth setup that meets your exact requirements!

And as of August 2023, we introduced our amazing, all new vintage PhotoPod photobooth! Custom built by us, to provide amazing photobooth fun indoors! Not only can this be hired out on it's own, it is our service guarantee just in case the great British weather decides to do it's thing and you'd prefer to keep the party indoors!

Photobooth fun
VW Volkswagen Photobooth Essex
VW Volkswagen Photobooth Essex

Here are a few photos from our own photobooth back in 2017

VW Volkswagen Photobooth Essex
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