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To find a guestbook that met our high standards and specific requirements was difficult.

So difficult, that we just decided to develop our own, in house.

Custom made for you, we can create the perfect guestbook to give your guests the opportunity to leave a personal message alongside their visit to the PhotoBay, and give you a keepsake full of memories.


Style 01

Bamboo Premium

Sustainable and Sleek

-100% sustainable Bamboo cover.

-Custom designed graphics.

-Vegan leather binding

-Choice of page colour

-Choice of binding colour

Style 02

Oak Classic

Classy and sophisticated

-Veneered Oak Cover

-Custom designed graphics.

-Vegan leather binding

-Choice of page colour

-Choice of binding colour

Oak Guestbook
Acrylic Guestbook
Acrylic guestbook reverse

Style 03

Standout Acrylic

Ideal for extra customisation

-Layered Acrylic Cover

-Choice of 40+ Acrylic colours

-Custom designed, front and rear graphics

with colour choice.

-Vegan leather binding

-Choice of page colour

-Choice of binding colour


-Page colour options of;
White, Ivory, Black

-Vegan leather binding colour options of; White, Grey, Black

-Custom cover design. Here are just a few samples. Have something in mind? Let us know. 

Sample designs

-Choice of Acrylic cover colour.
We have over 40 colour options for our Standout Acrylic guestbooks. Perfect for matching your theme or style.  

Colour choice
Colour choice
Colour choice
Colour choice

Pricing - Purchased as an add-on to any PhotoBay package.

Bamboo Premium - £120
Oak Classic - £100
Standout Acrylic - £140

All guestbook packages include:
-Photo mounting by the booth operator, use one of your included package prints or add all the extra prints for £20
-Design creation, you choose the binding colour, page colour and cover design from our range of options. Everything is custom made to order.
-A range of pens for guests to use to sign and personalise with.

To enquire, just get in touch via;
Email - (please check your spam folder for replies)
Instagram - the.photobay
Facebook -


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